Frequently Asked Questions


   1- What is World Metrology Day?

World Metrology Day celebrates the signature by representatives of seventeen nations of The Metre Convention on 20 May 1875. The Convention set the framework for global collaboration in the science of measurement and in its industrial, commercial and societal application. The original aim of the Metre Convention - the worldwide uniformity of measurement - remains as important today, in 2021, as it was in 1875.

   2- Who may use the WMD poster and related material?

The WMD poster may be used for non-commercial purposes only by any organization having an interest in metrology, notably:

  • intergovernmental, international, regional or national organizations; and
  • public, private, non-profit and academic organizations.

Commercial companies with a legitimate interest in metrology may use the poster, with their logo, exclusively in a non-commercial general promotional context (e.g. in their newsletters), however any posters or events will not be posted on the World Metrology Day website. Commercial companies must contact the WMD Team to obtain authorization and conditions prior to using or adapting the WMD material. Please also refer to the information on copyright.

   3- What can I download from the 2021 WMD web site?

You may download the WMD poster at no charge in PDF format suitable for printing in A1, A3 and A4 sizes. The poster is also available in Adobe PhotoShop format. You are responsible for printing your promotional material.

You may also download the Press Release prepared by the WMD Team, as well as the message from the BIPM and BIML Directors.

   4- Can I change the text in the promotional material?

You may translate the texts of the Press release and the Directors' message and the slogan, but a reference must be made to the original text (e.g. the web page address) and a disclaimer added noting that the translations were not reviewed by the WMD Team. The translation should be a faithful translation of the official text.

   5- Can I change the graphics/photos in the promotional material?

You may replace the SASO and GULFMET logos with your logo on the top right of the poster, subject to the conditions defined on the copyright page. You may not change the poster in any other way that might affect its message and meaning. Notably, the photos and the BIPM and OIML logos may not be moved or changed.

   6- How do I submit a poster for publication on the WMD Website?

If you wish us to make the file(s) of your Institute’s poster available on the WMD Website, please note that we will only upload files that are of equivalent quality to the French and English official versions. All posters must be submitted in PDF (not image or PhotoShop) format in the correct sizes (A4, A3, A1) and using the original fonts, which are available for download on the posters page.

To send us large files, we suggest using a free file transfer service such as WeTransfer - please do not email us large files or use DropBox. If your PDF files are not too large, please email them to the WMD Team.

If in doubt, please contact the WMD team.

   7- In which languages is the poster available?

The official version of the WMD poster, the Press Release and the Directors' message are available in French and English. Additional (non official) language versions may already be available, if they have been provided to the WMD Team.

   8- What if the WMD material is not available in my language?

Please see FAQ #4.